Projekt Phoenix in Germany

The end of May 2018 marked a breakthrough for Germany in the availability of UFO-related publications, which has remained almost unnoticed in this country – as part of "Project Phoenix" initiated by Isaac Koi. Isaac Koi is a barrister in England who since 2013 has done outstanding work to enable the release of numerous older UFO-related publications. Thanks to his effort, for thousands o… [read more… →]

First Conference of the German Cooperation Initiative UFO Research on June 24, 2017

On Saturday June 24, 2017, the German Cooperation Initiative UFO Research organises the first joint conference in Dipperz-Friesenhausen near Fulda. The conference is organised by DEGUFO, GEP, and MUFON-CES in equal parts. The conference date has not been left to chance. On June 24th, 1947, the now legendary sighting of the American aviator Kenneth Arnold happened, who during a flight observed… [read more… →]

The Common Archive for Documents and Material Concerning UFOs and Fringe Sciences

In many countries, UFO research is carried out by private individuals or groups that document their activities, collect and archive relevant material autonomously. UFO organizations and researchers in Germany also have their own document collections and archives. In times of digitalization and disclosure of national UFO files in more and more countries (overview from the end of 2009), the amount… [read more… →]

The Common UFO Sightings Database

The UFO Database serves as a central archive for electronic documentations of reported UFO sightings in German-speaking countries. The objective is to enable the transparency of the work of UFO associations to researchers and interested people, as well as to enable investigations of cases or research questions. Furthermore, visitors of the UFO Database can report their own UFO sighting and make… [read more… →]

DEGUFO, GEP und MUFON-CES agree to cooperate

One June 26th, 2015, board members of DEGUFO, GEP, and MUFON-CES met on the occasion of an open house presentation at the Hachenberg barracks / German Air Force location Erndtebrück. The setting was perfect: in Erndtebrück, an Air Force Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) is stationed, which is part of the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense. In a relaxed setting, the participants did not only d… [read more… →]