DEGUFO, GEP und MUFON-CES agree to cooperate

One June 26th, 2015, board members of DEGUFO, GEP, and MUFON-CES met on the occasion of an open house presentation at the Hachenberg barracks / German Air Force location Erndtebrück. The setting was perfect: in Erndtebrück, an Air Force Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) is stationed, which is part of the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense. In a relaxed setting, the participants did not only discuss professional matters, but also agreed to options of future cooperation. Staff changes in the MUFON-CES board cleared the way for these agreements.

Since DEGUFO and GEP had implemented practical measures of cooperation in advance, during this meeting, cooperation opportunities between the association of DEGUFO/GEP and MUFON-CES were explored.

Constructive conversations between Marius Kettmann (DEGUFO), Hans-Werner Peiniger (GEP), Wolfgang Stelzig (MUFON-CES), Jörg Kiefer (MUFON-CES) and Dr. Johannes Lienert (MUFON-CES) as well as several other members of the three organizations who traveled to Erndtebrück for this meeting, led to the following certain agreements:

  1. A mailing list will be created, where the boards of the associations can exchange views and discuss organizational and other topics in the short term (already implemented).
  2. MUFON-CES will participate in the project UFO Database and will provide their data about reported and investigated UFO sightings for registering (already implemented).
  3. MUFON-CES will participate in the mutual case investigator mailing list and their case investigators will be added.
  4. Together, we will develop the principles of good scientific practice for research into the UFO phenomenon further until we are able to publish versions of the principles which can be supported by all three organizations.
  5. The integration of MUFON-CES in additional cooperative projects and initiations of new projects will be discussed together. Possible topics will be the joint questionnaire, collectively organized conferences, visits to civil authorities and similar institutions, discounts on membership fees for members of all three associations etc.

Furthermore, the three participating associations agreed to perform cooperative projects in the context of a research coalition. Through this coalition, further activities shall follow, e.g. establishing and maintaining contacts to European and international UFO researchers and organizations. For that purpose, a multilingual website will be established which will provide information about the goals and projects of the "German Cooperation Initiative UFO Research".

from left to right: Marius Kettmann, Hans-Werner Peiniger and Wolfgang Stelzig

The future cooperation is based on many common grounds of the three associations and will serve the advancement and organization of joint projects. Furthermore, the strengths of the individual associations will be combined and the potential of research into the UFO phenomenon will be enhanced and professionalised. Between the associations, a regular exchange of views will be established which optimizes communication among each other.

The meeting between DEGUFO, GEP, and MUFON-CES, which many participants referred to as "historical", showed that regardless of earlier reservations, a reasonable and beneficial cooperation is possible. The associations are looking forward to a common future and to the opportunities of cooperative research.

Marius Kettmann
Christian Czech
Hans-Werner Peiniger
Danny Ammon
Wolfgang Stelzig
Jörg Kiefer